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Yaay for our Taichous!
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This is everything that has escaped my mind and become visible by all of you


The coolest people ever and their amazing artwork.

Bleach OC List

Division 1:

Commander Drazon Fukkashi
Lieutenant Mackaz Kojiki

Division 2:

Captain Shoyokaze Shapu
Lieutenant Tomihisa Asano

Division 3:

Captain Reita Tochigi
Lieutenant Shibiyama Mizuko

Division 4:

Captain Haro Kinjo
Lieutenant Usagi Umai

Division 5:

Captain Rikuto Oshito
Lieutenant Aki Hoshino

Division 6:

Captain Michiru Chima
Lieutenant Hikaru Aiyame

Division 7:

Captain: Maoko Choshu
Lieutenant Rokuro Inada

Division 8:

Captain Saburo Inafune
Lieutenant Kenzo Tobisawa

Division 9:

Captain Tsuneo Nakayama
Lieutenant Kazuyo Nishida

Division 10:

Captain Kengo Sometani
Lieutenant Shun Kora

Division 11:

Captain Kenta Yamasaki
Lieutenant Denjiro Ito

Division 12:

Captain Masaya Onuma
Lieutenant Yamajiro Surada

Division 13:

Captain Kaeda Oonishi
Lieutenant Minos Shimabukuro

Espada #1: Masanobu Fukkashi

Espada #2: Akir Ewart

Espada #3: Cassia Aulamn

Espada #4: Taro Okada

Espada #5: Yoshito Shibata

Espada #6: Shingen Ohba

Espada #7: Damaris Kontos

Espada #8: Noemi Hindson

Espada #9: Yesenia Ryno

Espada #10: Necro


Loyalist Leader: Anzai Toyoharu

Loyalist Artillery: Konstantin Eichwald

Loyalist Strategist: Elvira Drache

Loyalist Militia: Volker Rohmer

Vizard Captain: Jyoji Koruba

Vizard Lieutenant: Daigo Komagata

Vizard Eyes: Shoyo Arakawa

Vizard Brain: Hatsue Ninomiya

Vizard Blade: Kikuko Saromi

Bount Sovereign: Sparax Nortomarus

Bount Scion: Dexsia Nortomarus

Bount Primeval: Telestis Seneca

Bount Patrician: Dempiho Vanones

Bount Advisor: Saturio Vocula

Bount Fledgling: Laetoria Cethegus

Deep Circle Champion: Zorai Fukkashi

Deep Circle Oni: Atra Yunri

Deep Circle Darkling: Tsang Xiaozhi

Overlord: Alayna Callaghan

Nia Yates

Noel Belrose

Roderic Coburn

Arnet Affini

Naruto OC List

Village Hidden in the Ash

6th SusuKage: Haruki Kajiyama







Village Hidden in the Fissure

1st HahenKage:

2nd HahenKage:







Village Hidden in the Glacier

7th YukiKage: Tokuko Niimi







Village Hidden in the Storm

7th ArashiKage







Village Hidden in the Vines

5th YaseiKage

Jonin: Dagarasu Keniyo






Village Hidden in the Wastes

5th HoneKage:








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United States
I'm an Anime junky even have one of my own in the works that everyone should go and support!

When i'm not involved with MYTH I usually write stories involving AU settings of my favorite anime, comics, or games.

If you have characters that you want to appear in any of them just leave a comment or shoot a note my way i'm not a mean guy. In fact i'm always eager to talk to someone about something just usually lack the guts to start it myself.


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Must Pay Through Paypal

Payment Are To Be Made After FInished

You Accept All Fees That May Be Required to Make Payment

I Will Refuse Any Service If I Feel I Am Not Skilled Enough Or Comfortable Enough For The Commission




Character Sheets Commissions ($15 A Sheet)


Drazon Fukkashi: Part 1Name: Drazon Fukkashi
Nickname(s): The Emotionless, The Ying Yang Lord, Voice Of Reflection
Age: 450 (Appears to be in his late 20s)
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Species: Leech Shinigami
Position: 1st Division Captain-Commander
Appearance: Captain-Commander Drazon Fukkashi wasn't always a member of the Seretei and wasn't even entirely aware that he was a Shinigami until a series of events led him to escape from his Gigai due to its bad condition after a hollow attack. It was later revealed that this Gigai was created by division 12 at the time to aide his father in allowing his sons to age like that of humans. The two were orphans for most of their life until Drazon was old enough to care for the both of them. However once the events did lead to reveal his abilities as a Shinigami as one might expect a large shroud of confusion flowed over Drazon and after believing to witness the death of his little brother Drazon went

Drazon Fukkashi PT. 2Zanpaktou Name: Higosha Kuro (Dark Protector)
Zanpaktou Information: Drazon’s blades have risen from just a zanpaktou shrouded in rumors and myths to an occult following over his years as a Shinigami. At first many just believed his zanpaktou to be a simple and powerful blade wielded by a capable and strong warrior, but now many have started to believe his zanpaktou is a reincarnation or descendant of the first Shinigami’s. The zanpaktou once finally looked at more closely by the scholars and brightest minds in the Seretei was found to have a spiritual pressure with an influential ability to cause certain emotions and feelings on those who are near. If not for his control over his own emotions Drazon would have revealed this ability early on in his career as a Shinigami.
The scholars were already fueled by curiosity with the first discovery of this ability and dug deeper to find out the limits of its power. Though they never tested its complete limits in


Written Story-Vanilla ($20 per 6-8 Pages)

[While mine are unedited and not proofread yours commission will be]


Chapter 1: The Seretei's LegacyThe attack was over in mere seconds from when it began as a single Shinigami struggled to crawl away in a dark and ominous looking hallway of an abandoned building. He was a young Shinigami appearing to be no older than his early twenties with a face that at one point held expressions of confidence and cockiness, but instead were now filled with terror and pain. He continued to crawl trying to muffle his sounds of pain as he held his side and pulled himself with the free arm, a trail of thick blood following behind. He had made it to a door and looked to be home free, but was cut off quickly as a sudden sound of footsteps echoed throughout the room.
“You should have just allowed yourself to die by bleeding out Shinigami. Trying to escape just made me have a reason to make this nice and painful for you” The mysterious woman stated as she walked down the hall, her body completely concealed in darkness. The Shinigami tried to make out her appearance, but couldn’t due to

Chapter 2: A Meeting of old friendsIt was late in the night as the Seretei was blanketed in complete darkness only the lights of torches from the 9th division patrols and a few scattered lamps on the streets visible. Majority of the Seretei was now asleep only leaving the patrols to wander the streets as the emergency meeting of the captains began. While each barracks has its own section of the Seretei, the meeting hall resided on the outskirts which belongs to the first division and resides close to the large hill which the 1st barracks rests upon. The outside of the meeting chambers was guarded by two 1st division Shinigami and lieutenant Kojiki in order to limit the number of people aware of the meeting and make sure there were no spies to find out what was going on. Inside the building resided a large room with a table that contained a seat for each captain marked with their division symbol. Every captain was in attendance except for the 2nd, 5th, and 7th divisions.
“Anyone going to explain why the others don&

Chapter 3: Preparation and DiscoveryDrazon stood emotionless with his weapons completely sheathed while he was completely surrounded by various Shinigami with their zanpaktou drawn. He looked into all of their eyes almost as though to measure up their resolve as he moved his foot back to take a striking stance.
“If I feel any of you are withholding strikes you will be removed from your position in the first division. This is as much an exercise for you as it is myself.” Drazon stated as a couple men switched to a more serious look drawing their zanpaktou.
Drazon was clearly outnumbered and the vast majority of the 1st division were in their positions due to excelling in their classes and fields. While many would assume an unseated to not be worth the effort the 1st division would prove otherwise. Their training and instincts kicked in as a couple flash stepped before others moved forward and a couple stayed back to launch kido.
The execution was quick and impressive as Drazon turned to grab an appearing Shini



Written Story-Smutt ($20 Per 8 Pages, $15 if it involves one of my own OCs)

[If my OCs are involved it will not be considered canon, and must keep them in character]




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