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Yaay for our Taichous!
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This is everything that has escaped my mind and become visible by all of you


The coolest people ever and their amazing artwork.

Bleach OC List

Division 1:

Commander Drazon Fukkashi
Lieutenant Mackaz Kojiki

Division 2:

Captain Shoyokaze Shapu
Lieutenant Tomihisa Asano

Division 3:

Captain Reita Tochigi
Lieutenant Shibiyama Mizuko

Division 4:

Captain Haro Kinjo
Lieutenant Usagi Umai

Division 5:

Captain Rikuto Oshito
Lieutenant Aki Hoshino

Division 6:

Captain Michiru Chima
Lieutenant Hikaru Aiyame

Division 7:

Captain: Maoko Choshu
Lieutenant Rokuro Inada

Division 8:

Captain Saburo Inafune
Lieutenant Kenzo Tobisawa

Division 9:

Captain Tsuneo Nakayama
Lieutenant Kazuyo Nishida

Division 10:

Captain Kengo Sometani
Lieutenant Shun Kora

Division 11:

Captain Kenta Yamasaki
Lieutenant Denjiro Ito

Division 12:

Captain Masaya Onuma
Lieutenant Yamajiro Surada

Division 13:

Captain Kaeda Oonishi
Lieutenant Minos Shimabukuro

Espada #1: Masanobu Fukkashi

Espada #2: Akir Ewart

Espada #3: Cassia Aulamn

Espada #4: Taro Okada

Espada #5: Yoshito Shibata

Espada #6: Shingen Ohba

Espada #7: Damaris Kontos

Espada #8: Noemi Hindson

Espada #9: Yesenia Ryno

Espada #10: Necro


Loyalist Leader: Anzai Toyoharu

Loyalist Artillery: Konstantin Eichwald

Loyalist Strategist: Elvira Drache

Loyalist Militia: Volker Rohmer

Vizard Captain: Jyoji Koruba

Vizard Lieutenant: Daigo Komagata

Vizard Eyes: Shoyo Arakawa

Vizard Brain: Hatsue Ninomiya

Vizard Blade: Kikuko Saromi

Bount Sovereign: Sparax Nortomarus

Bount Scion: Dexsia Nortomarus

Bount Primeval: Telestis Seneca

Bount Patrician: Dempiho Vanones

Bount Advisor: Saturio Vocula

Bount Fledgling: Laetoria Cethegus

Deep Circle Champion: Zorai Fukkashi

Deep Circle Oni: Atra Yunri

Deep Circle Darkling: Tsang Xiaozhi

Overlord: Alayna Callaghan

Nia Yates

Noel Belrose

Roderic Coburn

Arnet Affini

Super Hero Info


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm an Anime junky even have one of my own in the works that everyone should go and support!…

When i'm not involved with MYTH I usually write stories involving AU settings of my favorite anime, comics, or games.

If you have characters that you want to appear in any of them just leave a comment or shoot a note my way i'm not a mean guy. In fact i'm always eager to talk to someone about something just usually lack the guts to start it myself.


Str: 13
Dex: 13
Con: 12
Int: 13
Wis: 11
Cha: 13


Current Residence: Oklahoma City
Favourite genre of music: J-Rock
Favourite style of art: Manga, Anime, Comic
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Wallpaper of choice: My Ocs
Favourite cartoon character: Sesshomaru
Personal Quote: "Destiny is when a man's strengths and weaknesses are tested as one"

An excerpt from my story

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 4:42 PM
So i've been writing on in my free time a star wars story following different important figures and as i was writing out the prologue of sorts to my "Sith" character i figured it'd be cool to show it to you all to get a glimpse of what i don't post on here!

The amount of wounds sustained were too much for Master Lesau to keep on fighting, even with the command of the force he possessed. His lightsaber fell from his hands bouncing against the stone rock beneath him that held up he knees before continuing to fall off the side of the mountain and into the abyss below.

"You Jedi have spent so much of your existence suppressing other ways to studying the force. You call any who'd seek outer knowledge Sith." Lord Thangorn stated as his purple saber returned to his hilt before holstering it on his hip

"Do you believe what you are doing to be the way of a jedi? You claim your actions to solely be based off of a desire for freedom and knowledge yet you kill and crush all you see." Master Lesau stated as he focused the force to keep him alive longer if for nothing more but to give final words of wisdom.

"You believe me to be a contradiction Jedi?" The sith asked as he squatted behind the kneeling jedi from the beginning of the overhanging ledge. "What of your own order's words? How does your oath go again?" He moved his hand to unlatch the clamps to his helmet as the sound of steam shot out before he lifted it off to reveal his true human face and light facial tattoos.

Lesau lifted his head up with pride as his alien eyes shot open with determination. "There is no emotion;  .... there is peace" He readied to continue the chant before he was cut off.

"There is no ignorance there is knowledge and there is no passion there is serenity i've heard it before from every other jedi who attacked me for simply believing in a different way to wield the force." Thangorn stated in a hurried annoyed tone. "They are ignorant to hear others out! There is hatred for my kind!"

Lesau seemed to not be entirely listening as he continued to speak. "There is no chaos:... there is harmony"

Thangorn snarled slightly as he heard the wounded jedi continue with his oath despite the grave situation. The jedi was cut off as he was lifted from the ground by the force as the air was being choked from him and floated over to Thangorn, who drew his saber with one hand and the other in a fist. 

"While you contradict all other forms of your code, let's hope that the end holds true." Thangorn stated in a calm voice before stabbing his lightsaber through his chest.

"There is no death....only....the force" Were the jedi's last words before he was pushed back and thrown off the cliff to join where his lightsaber also vanished beneath the blacked out ravine below.

"While you are bound by your codes and jedi rules. The force will set me free and i will truly obtain knowledge and serenity" Thangorn finished as he turned around pulling his removed helmet back on to his head and latching it with the force before returning his saber to his side and walking away from the overhanging ledge.

"It seems yet another jedi that came in hopes of killing you was silenced my lord. You truly ARE unkillable." A well dressed man with black well groomed hair stated as he arrived through the woods. "Your apprentice is waiting on the ship. We are ready to make way to Raxxus Prime."

"Thank you Maloric. Let's ensure their hunting parties don't follow. My apprentice shouldn't have to bear the same burden as I" Lord Thangorn stated as the two vanished into the woods

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Which would you rather be uploaded on sundays? 

3 deviants said Original Super Hero World
2 deviants said (Don't worry about the bleach story that will be on thursdays)
1 deviant said An original dnd setting world
1 deviant said Mortal Kombat story (with OCs)
No deviants said Original Kingdom hearts story


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Mar 5, 2015
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