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This is everything that has escaped my mind and become visible by all of you


The coolest people ever and their amazing artwork.

Gotei 13 List

Division 1:

Commander Drazon Fukkashi
Lieutenant Mackaz Kojiki

Division 2:

Captain Shoyokaze Shapu
Lieutenant Tomihisa Asano

Division 3:

Captain Reita Tochigi
Lieutenant Shibiyama Mizuko

Division 4:

Captain Haro Kinjo
Lieutenant Usagi Umai

Division 5:

Captain Rikuto Oshito
Lieutenant Aki Hoshino

Division 6:

Captain Michiru Chima
Lieutenant Hikaru Aiyame

Division 7:

Captain: Maoko Choshu
Lieutenant Rokuro Inada

Division 8:

Captain Saburo Inafune
Lieutenant Kenzo Tobisawa

Division 9:

Captain Tsuneo Nakayama
Lieutenant Kazuyo Nishida

Division 10:

Captain Kengo Sometani
Lieutenant Shun Kora

Division 11:

Captain Kenta Yamasaki
Lieutenant Denjiro Ito

Division 12:

Captain Masaya Onuma
Lieutenant Yamajiro Surada

Division 13:

Captain Kaeda Oonishi
Lieutenant Minos Shimabukuro


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A Scorpid Powerhouse by NerdicWriter
A Scorpid Powerhouse
Whenever a little more power is needed for a certain handling of a hassle to the nest Bakari rears his stinger for the culprit. Though a little power may be more accurate if described as a complete overhaul of what it means to be powerful.

Bakari (C) Myself
MYTH (C) Myself
Art (C) :iconlarizsantos:
Name: Mackaz Kojiki

Nickname(s): The Dancing Swordsman, The Concealed Gem, The True seer

Age: 288 (Appears to be in his early 20s)

Sex: Male

Sexual Preference: Pansexual

Species: Shinigami

Position: 1st Division Lieutenant

Appearance: Mackaz Kojiki never really intended to be in any position of power or importance when he first joined the Shinigami Academy as a kid. In fact he didn’t even join the academy because he necessarily wanted to be a Shinigami but instead just had no idea what else to do and everyone he knew wished to be one. After graduating with rather slightly above average grades and trying to keep himself from public spotlight he began his career as a rather slight increase above average as a Shinigami in hopes to do his job but not fail if he was ever relied on. He thought his talents at hiding his true potential would keep him away from being found, but was proven wrong as the Captain Commander sought him out noticing the pattern he portrayed in school and had a theory he was just the Shinigami he wanted as his lieutenant.

Mackaz unlike some in his position does actually care what he looks like more so in his own style and tastes then others which results in time and effort being put into his look rather than focusing entirely on work. Lieutenant Kojiki stands at a somewhat shorter height of 5 feet 8 inches tall usually in a relaxed stance with hands hanging at his sides. He is healthy as he has a skinny stomach, but lacks any true definition aside from a slight outline of his abdomen but no abs that are visible making him just healthy and fit rather than muscular.

One of Mackaz’s most noticeable features is his green blue hair which is worn in a flop hawk style that hangs to the right side of his face and hangs past his chin. Due to his hair being flipped to the side of his face it reveals the earrings that go along the helix until reaching his earlobe where a stud and hanging earing reside.

Since you get such a clear view of a lot of his face Mackaz’s face is one of the prominent features and as a result you’ll be looking at his facial expressions. When outside of combat Mackaz being the deep thinker he is can be seen with an expression as though he isn’t entirely there with everyone who happens to be talking. This isn’t always the case as he is capable of multi-tasking and will always still be in the conversation but still causes many to wonder if something is wrong or what exactly he is thinking about. Most things he seems to be thinking about are philosophical or moral debates he has with himself to just understand the world that much more.

Though none of the revisions made to his outfit is clearly visible Mackaz has made adjustments to his Shinigami robes. The first major revision and only visually noticeable is the relocation of his lieutenant’s badge which instead of being wrapped around his arm is now in the form of a necklace that hangs down to between his pectoral muscles. The only other addition is the tightening of his robes not being as loose as it is for most people as his fighting style calls for it to be a little tighter so it doesn’t hinder or get in the way of his spinning and fluid motions.

Personality: Some people tease that Mackaz is in a constant state of a mid-life crisis since he tends to overthink and over worry about most things instead of simply having faith in his own ability and the outcome of his actions. Though he isn’t depressed or disappointed all the time he does seem to second guess himself a lot of the time which while not as bad as it used to be still is active in his personality. Though he doubts himself however he has yet to ever doubt anyone else.

When other people are involved Mackaz has an uncanny ability to find faith and hope in people to not only do the best thing, but finds strength in others that they normally don’t see for themselves. This makes him suffer from a severe lack of following his own advice when he tells others that they are far greater than they believe themselves to be and have faith in their strength. While no one remembers who called him the true seer first the name has stuck since he always looks and thinks deeply about people thinking they not only can do great, but help him find confidence in his own abilities as well.

While in the beginning of his career Mackaz didn’t hold any real compassion or drive to be a Shinigami thanks to the interactions with Drazon he has not only found his inspiration to give it a try, but found a cause to be a Shinigami. He wants to make sure not to fail the captain commander by not living up to what he saw or believed was inside of him and make sure to be like the captain and pay it forward with the faith and determination to draw out the best in people. Whenever he couldn’t continue or felt doubt again he would find strength for himself. When others couldn’t fight he would step in and motivate them to grow strength and find more faith in themselves as he had found.

Socially thanks to his way to find the good in even the most evil and arrogant of people Mackaz finds an enjoyable time when speaking to allies. While he may not be the best at starting or coming up with a topic to talk about due to the uncertainty that what he would have to say is interesting to the other person. When someone else starts a topic however he never fails to have input or opinions and ways to keep the conversation like an avalanche, once it’s started it just keeps picking up.

In combat is when the Concealed Gem truly shines as all his doubts and worries seem to hold no weight as he is decisive and deadly in battle. While others play games or try to out power the opponent lieutenant Kojiki like to out maneuver his opponent with his spins slashes and side dashes from and opponents strike. He doesn’t try to aggravate his opponent or trash talk during combat as while he doesn’t need to doubt himself he isn’t confident enough that he has any fight in the bag or a for sure win. Calm quiet and deep in thought like he is usually known to be by himself are the only descriptors to him in combat finding a second win whenever he seems close to a defeat thanks to his motivations.


Fluid Combat Style: The grace and visual appeal of a dancer is the first thing that comes to mind once Mackaz’s blade is drawn. No motion of his body is used without purpose as he finds himself spinning and sliding back and forth weaving fluidly like a plant bending and wiggling by the power of the wind. Graceful and deadly all at the same time his movement are mainly used to evade and move his opponent to a more beneficial situation as he also tires them out. While slashing and spinning his technique leaves the opponent unsure of when he is actually going to retaliate with his own strike as some spins and slides are empty without attacks and others nothing but attacks beginning a mind game more so then a physical battle as time goes on.

Quick Learner: While he may not have mastered every style or technique available to a Shinigami Mackaz contains the ability to learn and understand it whenever he deemed it to be necessary as he has an uncanny ability to understand anything with little to no effort. Lieutenant Kojiki can learn and pick up tactics and techniques in days what normally takes months to years and still focus on other tasks without feeling overly stressed or bothered making his quick learner description not only accurate but a severe understatement of what he is truly capable.

Kido Expert: Being one of the most basic and used tactics from a Shinigami resulted in Mackaz’s gravitation to Kido. While many who have learned this technique limit themselves tending to lean more towards their zanpaktou’s physical abilities or melee combat aside from 4th and 13th division, Mackaz leans pretty heavily to incantations to cause more of the heavy damage rather than defense and minor offense involving his zanpaktou. It is because of his usage of Kido that during his graduation of the Shinigami academy many members of division 13 were looking to recruit him to the ranks and even offered him a position of a higher seat because of the raw strength his kido shows without needing to sight incantations all while performing these techniques while distracted and active in his movements. While others need to focus and remain stationary The Dancing Swordsman has showcased on numerous occasions his ability to cast and fire kido and techniques in slides and spins all way maintaining strong power and deadly accuracy all while switching between his zanpaktou and kido seamlessly.

High Spiritual Pressure: While many are required to have an always actively high spiritual pressure to be a seated officer Mackaz doesn’t always register as having a high pressure. In fact it is moderate to most Shinigami which was allowed him to contain his hidden potential for so long before Drazon sought him out to be his lieutenant. Some believe that the reason this is exist is due to a force of habit where he had been hiding his true talents for so long his body just does it without him needing to will it anymore. His high spiritual as a result now only shows itself when he is in signs of severe emotions or near his own death.

Master Strategist: While many are unmatched by their comprehension of kido, zanjutsu, speed or brutality Mackaz is without equal in regards to his ability to strategize and plot. While many would believe their first instinct should be to call him into direct combat and battle to show his zanpaktou’s skills, it would be best for him to remain away from combat and orchestrate all the battle plans and formations instead. Whenever a perfect plan or retaliation has been executed without casualties even in the most devastating battles against the fiercest opponents and overwhelming odds you know without a doubt it was due to the Lieutenant. While he is great at sending a direct order and plan he has an uncanny ability to tell and delve into the mind of his opponent in order to foretell what they are going to do and how they plan on doing it
Mackaz Kojiki Part 1
More Lieutenant character sheets! Sorry in advance if i fill your watches. Description not good enough for a visual? Well i have headshots to help with that: Lieutenant Headshots 2 of 3 He is top right

Mackaz Kojiki(C) Myself
Bleach (C) Tite Kubo
Name: Tomihisa Asano

Nickname(s): High Lord Asano, The Silent Predator, The Grand Father

Age: 887 (Appears to be in his late 40s)

Sex: Male

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Species: Royal-Blooded Shinigami

Position: 2nd  Division Lieutenant, Onmitsukidō Chairman

Appearance: High Lord Asano was rather young during the foundation of the Onmitsukidō but because of his and many other royal blooded members’ desires resulted in its creation. This and many other feats are why Tomihisa’s long career as a Shinigami is held in high regard and mentioned whenever he enters into a room both out of fear and respect. While everyone in the Asano clan has free will whether they will join the Gotei 13 most do so because they have a strange draw to the lifestyle and Tomihisa was not an exception to this common occurrence. In fact at a young age he talked his father into allowing himself to be drafted into the Shinigami academy earlier than they normally allow and early graduation. This is what marked the beginning of first things he wanted that he made sure happened to forge him into a formidable warrior and weapon of the Gotei 13.

Tomihisa’s style focuses more on tradition and practicality than anything else which has led him to maintain an old fashioned and simple style in his clothes and appearance. Tomihisa is a rather average height man standing at 5 feet and 9 inches with a relaxed, but proper stance as he hands are usually folded behind his back fingers folded into each other loose but still connected. In order to keep himself effective in battle the 2nd division lieutenant has maintained his body in perfect shape refusing to eat anything that has no health benefits or a way to keep his body well cared for. These practices are not in vain since as a result his body stills shows muscle definition and abs and slim muscular form that many youthful Shinigami still wish to strive for.

Tomihisa has white hair with slight gray mixed inside of it which has been tightly pulled into a ponytail which begins where his neck and head begin hanging directly behind his head with no hairs loose or sticking up anywhere. This hairstyle clearly reveals his face with absolutely nothing to hinder it and his strong but not too crazy thick eyebrows and blue eyes.

While traditional and focused on his work as a Shinigami Tomihisa did not receive his name as the grandfather for his brutal combat style or viciousness in combat. Instead he received the name due to the light hearted and friendly looking expression that often forms on his face as he is around allies and friends. He is always showing an expression that just makes you want to strike a conversation or open up to. When he is in a state of mind for combat he has the ability to show a calm and angry expression of a man who has enough wisdom to not just fight you, but kill you leaving his feature of age to be both the most comforting and unnerving feature.

Though many Shinigami lieutenants don’t customize their robes often aside from the location of their lieutenant’s badge Tomihisa has made some instantly noticeable changes that are unavoidable. While the black robes remain completely untouched and left alone the alteration reside in the large chest guard that is strapped over his shoulder and sword sheath that is connected to the armor on his back. The straps while made of a simple material hold together an extremely durable armor that covers the entirety of his chest underneath his collarbone without sleeves and sides held together by more straps. Etched into the center of this gray chest guard resides the symbol for his division and acts as his lieutenants badge as well as armor and way to hold his sheath.

Personality: Tomihisa isn’t too complicated when it comes to his emotions and refuses to let them become too complicated as he is rather straight forward if he believes someone doesn’t know what he feels about a situation or event. Due to his old age and long time within the Gotei 13 the lieutenant has learned to think and approach most situations with logic and thinking before reacting right away and learn to not be so easily overworked or offended even if at time he can still grow to be extremely angry and filled with other intense emotions though only when appropriate. The most common emotion that is felt however now a days is just pure content and happiness with little to zero stress.

Even when in a situation that proves itself to be overwhelming and stressful lieutenant Asano is a soft spoken man never choosing to raise his voice and speak at a moderately audible volume which tends to keep himself and those around him relaxed. He was raised to believe that a man is in a weak position when he needs to yell or can’t control his volume as just like manipulation of a weapon control belongs only to the truly strong.

Tomihisa is driven by his desire to see the Onmitsukidō and generations to come after him to have a proper example of a Shinigami for them to look forward to. There have been moments when he wanted to act a certain way or do something just because he felt like it, but stopped thanks to the memories and desire he has to make the generations to come the way we should strive to be. Every lesson is to set those after him on the path to create a utopian society sooner than later no matter how badly his former selfish tendencies want to surface.

While he may not be crazy talkative or always strive to start up conversation when in a more laid back and social environment he is even less talkative in a combat situation. From a man who is willing to shed a wise lesson or calming conversation when asked to a stoic being who refuses to speak is why he has dawned the title of the silent predator.

His tactics in combat revolve around him misdirecting his opponent and feed off of their emotions and weaknesses as much as possible. Like a clever game or some sort of puzzle Tomihisa works only opening his mouth and stating something if it draws a certain emotion that would prove to be helpful in combat. While words can prove to be helpful The Silent Predator prefers to rely more on stealth and misdirection to kill his opponent when they have no chance to respond or comment refusing to even comment when he makes a good strike or lethal blow believing that the best response is silence and absorb any lessons learned with the combat.


Royal Family Chest Guard:  While many people believe the chest guard to be a simple cosmetic and slight increase in armor change to his robes and overall not that important to his fighting style they would be considered wrong. Housed on the inside of his armor in the back like the sheath on his back reside small tiny sheaths for daggers that he can either throw or utilize if for some reason his zanpaktou isn’t best or has been knocked away from him.


Zanjutsu Expert: The Asano family has always been highly regarded amongst the Shinigami as master assassins and tacticians when it comes to combat and this regard is a result of their superior talents when it comes to wielding their zanpaktou. The first noticeable feature of Tomihisa’s fighting style is the way the sword is held backwards in his hands and used with simple and quick strikes towards the opponent with the solo intent to kill the opponent by striking vital organs and quick fight and slashes and occasional misdirected stab. While most sword fighting styles rely heavily on a firm footing and powerful stance the Asano family is always crouched over and standing on their toes rather than the entirety of their feet on order to retaliate quickly and precise with each slash making his stance seem awkward and ineffective to the casual observers until they see what the stance allows them to be capable of.

Heightened Senses: Tomihisa over the many years of his life has been doing everything in his power to make his body the ultimate weapon with little to know weaknesses even as he draws closer and closer to his older age. In order to assure this desire became a reality he has spent immeasurable amounts of time isolating a single sense of his body by depriving himself of all others so each one is fine tuned to be greater than that of those he comes in contact with. Each sense strong enough that he has no need for the other should something happen to eliminate or limit them in everyday life as well as battle. As a result he has proven to be more than a threat against an opponent when limited but an overpowering force as well.

Master Assassin: Similar to how a hunter studies its prey and learns everything there is to know in order to take down their prey a master assassin does for his opponent. Unlike a hunter, however an assassin is always up close and personal against their opponent and often times has to learn how to take down an opponent in the midst of deadly situations and combat. Tomihisa over his years as a member of the Onmitsukidō has learned how to study and observe his prey even in the most stressful of situations and in record time as simply seeing an opponent for a short time learns very quickly what is needed in order to defeat an opponent making him the expert when a new threat shows their face. When you don’t know the source of someone’s power you call the 12th or 13th division, but when you want to know how to kill them you call Tomihisa.

Bakudo Expert: The best opponent is a helpless opponent and Tomihisa takes that to heart as he is always looking for ways to put his enemy at a disadvantage. While honor may be important to some people he is more worried about surviving and living to see another fight. While he may avoid the use of Bakudo in a friendly duel or spar when his life is at risk Bakudo is the first thing to come out in combat aside from his blade. Taking his training from private tutors within the 13th division from a young age and even some friendly support from division 3 captain Tomihisa has learned techniques to hinder the mobility and strikes of an opponent. While others use their Bakudo straight forward by speaking an incantation to make it stronger and more durable Tomihisa tends to utilize the stealth he has learned and whisper the incantations and even silently summon the weaker hindrance of moves.

Immense Spiritual Pressure: Contained inside of Tomihisa resides an ancient and immense spiritual pressure that only resides in the older clans found within the Seretei. The royal blooded Shinigami spiritual pressures are often used in order to forge powerful medicines and technology in the Seretei as its ancient features seem to have a certain durability and strength behind it that combines with the Asano clan’s capable hands is almost a more deadly weapon then their zanpaktou ever could be and a source of their great power.
Tomihisa Asano Part 1
First of multiple Lieutenant character sheet uploads today sorry if i fill your watches. Description not good enough for a visual? Well i have headshots to help with that: Headshots BONUS page by NerdicWriter  he is it the one in the bottom left

Tomihisa Asano (C) Myself
Bleach (C) Tite Kubo
               Ladies and Gentleman! We all want to welcome you to this year’s Pokemon League event where we all get to watch in shock and awe as master trainers who have learned the lessons and conquered the challenges of the gym leaders pit their talents against the Elite Four! Will there finally be a crowned champion? Or will the skill of these legendary trainers prove to be too much yet again for all their challengers?!

The announcer stood in the middle of a large arena which seemed to cover a huge amount of land with various types of artificial terrain surrounded by stands as various large monitors hung over head for those to see the action without missing a thing as robotic cameras flew around to get different angles on the announcer. The cameras flew up high to showcase the arena from different viewpoints.

       Since the Preliminary battles have already been finished I am proud to bring you all the first challenger who managed to fight his way to enough consecutive wins to choose an Elite Four member to challenge. Carter has taken it upon himself to challenge none other than Manolo and his military hardened team!

The mentioned Elite Four member rose from the bottom of the arena standing in a proper straight pose with his back straight one hand in his pocket while the other straight like a salute a little up and away from his head with a light hearted smirk on his face as he addressed the crowd. His skin was of a dark complexion with black hair that was worn in a buzzed style cut side burns ending towards the middle of his ear’s length. His facial hair was well groomed and managed with a close cut leaving no remnants of hair that could have been left behind from a shave. His clothes were reminiscent of military, but not a proper uniform. He wore a blue button up shirt with a pocket on the left breast and long sleeves that were rolled up unevenly as the right was up past the elbow and the left just underneath the elbow. He wore more slim fit black jeans and black dress shoes that were well taken care of and still had a proper shine.

The crowd went wild as he came into view as people cheered and chanted his name. Everyone seemed eager to see this Elite trainer show what he was capable of while others already seen his talents and just wanted to see more. The challenger who was mentioned entered into the arena from an opening of the side walls that closed behind him as he waved, fans cheering for his arrival as well. The feeling of excitement from the crowd was contagious making even the most timid and quiet want to scream and cheer in excitement.

The young male soon arrived standing directly opposite to Manolo as he gave the elite trainer a nod. The male looked to be in his mid-20s wearing fairly civilian looking clothes with nothing too stand outish about him. He grabbed one of the pokeballs from his waist pressing the button in the center to enlarge it as he held it at his side. The man quickly went from a smile to a look of focus and seriousness.

Manolo moved his hands as he unbuttoned his button up shirt to reveal a black t-shirt underneath and straps inside which housed 6 pokeballs. The crowd almost grew instantly silent as they saw him reach for a pokeball all curious to know which Pokemon he was going to reveal. Everyone’s eyes staring as he almost seemed to know why the silence began as he smiled before making his choice closing his button up and enlarging his pokeball.

       Who did Manolo choose? Will we finally get to see a yet to be revealed Pokemon from his 3 remaining mysteries? Or will a returning face be taking spotlight to remind us of its power?

The Announcer was at the edge of his seat as well as he stared watching Manolo toss up his pokeball into the air as the pokeball burst open the red beam sprouting forth launching into the ground to reveal his Pokemon choice; a Klinklang. The male looked more serious as he tossed his pokeball out to reveal his own Pokemon partner which appeared to be an Arcanine.

       It looks like the challenger was hoping for a returning face as he is going to capitalize on a type advantage in hope to get an edge in this battle. This wouldn’t be the first time Manolo has been against such type match ups before, but let’s see if his wins were a result of superior talent or lack of a proper challenge! From here on out it is an all-out battle between these two trainers!

Manolo didn’t seem to be worried by the type choice as the Arcanine roared powerfully in the air and stomped down its foot the weight and power behind this creature causing a large thud and indention into the hard rock beneath them. The Challenger wasted no time as he pointed forward and commanded his Arcanine to strike the Klinklang.

“Flame Charge quickly!” The Trainer commanded as his Arcanine lunged forward without hesitation roaring and slamming it’s feet down before racing forward the ground beneath him cracking and breaking from the raw power as his strides were far and powerful both Manolo and Klinklang seemingly unworried by the seemingly imminent strike. The Arcanine leaped forward one final time as Manolo jumped to the side to avoid the impact.

“Operation Snuff Out!” He ordered as Klinklang jolted to the side the flames still managing to make contact with the steel gear Pokemon the Arcanine still flying forward thanks to the momentum and lack of a force to slow it down. “Gear Grind” Manolo stated calmly as he wiped of the dust it accumulated from the leap.

Klinklang began to rotate with its entire body before two gears shot forward seeming to appear out of nowhere just as the Arcanine began to grow close to landing into the ground, gears close behind ready to make impact. The opposing trainer while not entirely expecting the action was quick on his feet. “Arcanine use dig before you land”

The Pokemon was quick to jump into action creating a hole as soon as his paws came in contact with the rock beneath him the two gears slamming and grinding into the rock just pass the hole as the sounds of tunneling could be heard underneath the current arena. Seconds later Arcanine leaped up from behind the Klinklang flames surrounding and engulfing the large teeth inside the creature’s mouth.

Manolo ordered his Pokemon to discharge as he realized it was unaware to the sneak attack of the legendary canine creature behind it intend on landing a truly well executed strike. Klinklang’s body began to glow bright yellow consuming the Pokémon’s form before bolts of electricity shout out everywhere slamming into the Arcanine and sending him flying back and slamming into the ground sparks and electricity coming off the wounded flame canine. Klinklang turned beginning to spin some more as two gears again appeared out of nowhere and shot forward slamming into the downed Pokemon and slamming him further away as the Pokemon tumbled eventually going unconscious.

       It appears that even with a well-executed attack and powerful drive Klinklang remains on top. Who could have guessed his strike would be his own undoing! Let’s hope this wasn’t the only plan the young challenger had!

“Time to make up for a loss, Pacharisu!” The trainer exclaimed as he tossed his pokeball the cute electric squirrel appearing with a fierce intense look as the sparks crackled from its cheeks. “Build up some speed and use Rollout!” The cute squirrel leaped forward and began to spin forward quickly before turning into a ball as it raced across the ground flying and slamming heavily into the Klinklang as it flew back in a powerful thud the Pacharisu turning and racing back around repeatedly as the Klinklang and its trainer tried to stop the Pacharisu.

“Hit it with Mirror Shot and stop it quickly” Manolo ordered as the Pokemon charged a glowing white orb in front of it repeatedly shooting them towards the ball of a Pacharisu that weaved back and forth dodging each strike seeming to build up more power as it spun the ground tearing beneath it as it leaped up for another strike. “Sandstorm” Was the simple and calm command given to the gear Pokemon as it spun and shifted quickly building severe winds that shoved the Pacharisu back and out of its ball form as the sand and dirt around them blanket the stage buffet and slamming into the Pokemon. The arena began to raise a barrier between the arena and the stands before beginning to stream what little footage the cameras inside could muster past all the sand that flew around.

The action was beginning to get even more intense as no one could muster any comments or things to say glued to the video feed which they had in front of them and all those watching through television glued as well.

“Come on! I wanted to see if that Pacharisu could actually take down his Klinklang!” Yelled one such individual who was watching a televised version of the match. This trainer’s name was Devin and one who watched the Pokemon league every year that it was on since he was old enough to comprehend what was going on. He was sitting in his room legs crossed as he was in nothing more than PJs due to the early morning battle, his Heatmor sitting beside him who seemed just as interest in the events.

“The sandstorm better not clear before we get to see any more action! It’d be my luck to miss out right as things were getting good!” The teenager stated angrily as he slammed his fist against his wood floors his heatmor looking mad too a little flame sprouting from its nose. They both stared closely at the screen.

       It appears that the sandstorm is beginning to fade and the two Pokemon appear to still be fighting and our audio is clearing up to hear the two trainers continuing to command their Pokemon!

The sandstorm was beginning to clear as Devin leaned in looking to see the Klinklang charging a white orb in front of it and the Pacharisu leaping forward in a rollout. The two were seeming to go slow motion in the eyes of this young trainer eyes unable to look away before it was suddenly brought back to the normal pace of real life as he heard a sound that would haunt him to this day; a sneeze.

Soon following the sound erupted flames that engulfed his TV as it shot from the nose of Heatmor destroying his tv causing Devin’s eyes to widened as it took him a moment to process what was happening.

“…” He tried to mouth something. React, just anything really but all he could do was stare before another pokemon walked into the room with way appeared to be a bowl of some sort of food. “Psy.. duck!” The pokemon exclaimed as it went from a calm expression to one of panic before spitting water all over the flames causing the tv to short out what little remained of it as it dropped the bowl food flying all over the floor.

A couple more moments went by as Devin sat there and looked over to his two Pokemon. The psyduck putting out what little flames remained and the Heatmor deciding to take this opportunity to eat the dropped food not seeming to realize what exactly it had done.

“I think if I ever hope to defeat an Elite Four member I should learn to properly house train my Pokémon. I never realized how deadly a sneeze could be… and Heatmor is my best trained Pokemon…..” Devin stated to himself as he stood up disappointed and too shocked to be angry as he looked to his clock. “I guess now is as good a time as any to go shopping.”

The two Pokemon seemed to move on rather quickly to the mess as they joined at the side of their trainer very quickly at the sight of him getting ready to leave. “Oooh no you don’t. Pokeball for you two” Devin stated as he grabbed their pokeballs returning them inside before opening his closet. A couple hours pass before the young trainer emerged from his home properly showered and changed into his public clothing.

Devin’s black hair was a short and mostly covered on its right side by a bandanna of a simple design keeping the side hidden and pushed down while the top left pointed out. The exposed hair is somewhat spikey in style hanging out but not further then his eyebrows. His choice of clothing was a jacket with an extended pointed collar that had long sleeves and was an orange and gray color pattern and eventual flaring out of the bottom of his jacket hanging behind his gray jeans and pair of sneakers to make walking more comfortable.

“Dude Devin did you catch Manolo’s fight? His Klinklang actually got KO’d by the challenger’s last Pokemon. He didn’t lose another, but the way the challenger executed the strike that took down the Klinklang was genius!” Yelled another young trainer who jogged up to meet Devin.

“No… Heatmor… kind of burned my tv.” Devin said embarrassed and quiet before beginning to walk down the street keeping up the conversation as the two walked. “What was the second Pokémon Manolo sent out? A new one?”

“I wish! No it was his Ledian who believe it or not seems to be even stronger then it was before if that was at all possible” The boy replied still seemingly excited by the fight. “I just can’t get over how great of a trainer he is! I mean it makes sense his team and him were in the war, but with a team like that I don’t see how it wasn’t ended in days as opposed to years.”

“What I’d love to see is the Elite Four battle each other.” Devin replied almost seeming to daydream about the idea. “Could you imagine the military strength of Manolo’s Pokémon against Declan’s genius tactics or Rennicks ruthlessness? Heck even the powerful bond of Evvy and her Pokemon.”

“Her? I thought Evvy was a guy!” The boy replied as they walked a look of serious confusion on his face.

“I used to think that too, but I think I heard for sure it was a girl. At least I think it’s a girl.” Devin replied thinking for a moment until the two arrived at the Pokemart. “Well I’d love to keep talking, but I have to buy some food and think about how I’m going to buy another TV.”

“You could always challenge the gym leader of our town man. Not only will it jumpstart your trainer career, but along with the badge is a cash prize. Think about it. I’ve seen you battle and while Heatmor doesn’t seem to be able to be managed out of battle, you two fight like seasoned pros.”

Devin thought on it for a moment before looking at the pokeballs on his hip. “You know what… I think I’ll do it.”

“That’s great, but I’d catch more Pokémon if I were you. It’s a minimum of 4 Pokémon KO for a win and it’s best to have the odds on your side. I’ll catch you later though!” The boy finished as he began to jog away further into town cutting between people quickly without real concern or care.

A couple more hours passed by as Devin began to walk home his psyduck and heatmor now released from their pokeballs helping him carry the bags as he unlocked the door to his house and bringing the bags in to place on his kitchen table. After finishing their duties Devin’s Pokemon went off to hang out in the house psyduck and heatmor playing around with each other and running around the house.

“Don’t burn or drown anything you two” Devin stated as he began to unpack his groceries. He looked over at the two who seemed to be enjoying themselves occasionally slamming into furniture or a wall as they weren’t too aware of their surroundings. “I think we are far from being Pokemon league champions let alone successful in a gym battle.” He stated to himself as he finished putting everything away.

He looked at his two Pokémon who looked back at him curiously wondering what exactly it was he was thinking. “What would you two say about finally doing another battle?” He asked them as Heatmor turned its head like he didn’t understand before nodding and Psyduck leaping on to the table posed heroically as he leaned forward one hand risen up as if to mimic a balled up fist like it was ready to fight before seeming to try and flex without any sign of muscle.

“Well then we best get to training. There are a group of battles that take place in the town over. I say we get well rested and head over there tomorrow and make a name for ourselves one battle at a time!” Devin stated as Heatmor nodded and slowly trotted out of the room and towards the bedroom as Psyduck nodded as he got to the ground and seemed to be trying to do a push up despite his little arms making it difficult to lift his frame struggling after one as Devin walked away eventually getting a second one and eventually collapsing.

(The Next Day)

“PSYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYDUCK!” The Pokemon yelled as it kicked open the bedroom door and slammed pots and pans together to make a huge ruckus continued to yell out its own name and slamming the pots together as he got closer to the bed before jumping up and slamming on Devin’s stomach.

Following the thud of the impact was the sound of the air leaving Devin’s lungs as the only sound to escape his lips was a slight “oof”. Pysduck then began to seem to order it’s trainer out of bed to get bathed as he seemed to walk Devin through his daily routine from bathing to getting dressed, eating and a morning exercise as he was doing push-ups before suddenly snapping back to reality. “Wait, why am I doing the exercises you two need the training not me!” He yelled back as the psyduck turned its head like he didn’t understand.

“Don’t play dumb with me. You know what I mean” Devin commented as he shook his head and got up from the floor. “Let’s go do a battle. I’d like to start this off with wins.”

Devin took the path out of town leaving from the small city like area and up into the heavily forested mountains that seemed to be the only exit to the town aside from the lake or climbing over the large dense mountains that surrounded all other exits. A couple hours went by from his walk as the trees got more and more dense. They eventually came close to the outskirts of the nearby small town as the sounds of kids battling echoed throughout the woods, Devin much too lost in his preparation for the battles to notice all of the life that existed on the woods of the various Pokemon and one individual who’d be unnoticed to even the most watchful individual as he seemed to be an expert at hiding watching as Devin continued.

Suddenly sprouting from the woods in a giant horde was a wave of Ninjask which seemed to not be too happy with the sudden humans passing through the woods so close to its nest. Devin jumped to the side as he evaded a diving ninjask causing it to fly past him instinctively grabbing his pokeball ready to throw it before another ninjask built up a large gust of wind from its wings throwing the pokeball from Devin’s hands and sending him flying back as the others dived towards him rolling out of the way and grabbing his other Pokémon tossing him out. “Time to act, Psyduck!” He chanted as the psyduck popped out “Use Aqua tail”

The Psyduck emerged from his pokeball doing a front flip as his tail began to gather powerful torrents of water around its tail creating a large spinning whirlpool from its tail before slamming down into a ninjask slamming it into the ground and KO’ing instantly and slamming another to the side before landing. The psyduck landed with a somewhat normal look which for it, was one of intensity as it was soon swarmed by a large amount of ninjask.

The Psyduck leaped up using scratch as it grew glowing claws and slashing away and KO’ing with ease a couple of attacked before being tackled by lightning fast ninjask that seemed to be using Ariel Ace as a glowing trail flowed behind them as they slammed into the Psyduck. Each time Psyduck flew back he managed to land on his feet even though he was seeming to get fatigued by the sudden hits bruised and struggling to stay standing as he scratched and alternated between an aqua tail growing fatigued and tired by the prolonged combat as there seemed to be no end to the Pokemon. There was a noticeable drop, but not enough to see a win as Devin finally managed to fight his way to his other Pokemon.

A ninjask flew at Devin seeing his eventual grab of the pokeball as its claws began to glow as he spread his claws before crosses them quickly as it was about to slash into him before being slapped from the side by an aqua tail Psyduck landing and sliding from the force hand extended as though to tell Devin to stay behind him eyes beginning to glow a light blue.

“Last time you tried that move you went unconscious Psyduck don’t!” Devin ordered as he looked to see the pokeball containing Heatmor just out of his reach. The large horde of Ninjask dived down performing various moves from aerial ace to x-scissor and basic tackle about to collide before they were stopped in their tracks by a light blue aura around their bodies as the pokemon looked shocked psyduck hands held in front of him as he slowly seemed to be chiming his name. Devin looked over before noticing pink petals flying from the woods slamming into the pokeball and launching it to him as he caught it. Psyduck was beginning to lose consciousness and the blue auras around the bug pokemon fading.

“Heatmor I need you to use flame burst quickly” Devin ordered as heatmor appeared already head pulled back and channeling a ball of fire in front of him as it began to move and almost seem to flow like liquid before him. He then pushed his head forward launching the ball into the center of the bugs before it busted and shot forth flames in all direction hitting and KO’ing the remaining ninjask just as Psyduck collapsed.

“Hey are you alright?” A group asked as they came rushing to Devin’s aid all with their own pokemon. “It seems the Ninjask swarms finally got out of hand. Wow looks like you dealt with the problem as soon as it started. Your pokemon sure have to pack a punch to with stand this many.” One of the boys from the group stated while the others made sure he wasn’t too wounded.

“Yeah I’m fine. Since you guys helped me get my Heatmor. Thanks by the way.” Devin replied catching his breath as the others helped him stand and returned his psyduck.

“We literally just got here after your heatmor’s attack. No one here helped you as much as we would have liked too.” A girl commented as she looked around her Sentret resting on her shoulder.

“It was probably the Forest King” A little kid commented as he looked into the woods.

“Forest King?” Devin asked confused as the group began to walk to town away from the ninjask.

“You don’t know about the forest king? I though all surrounding towns have heard of him.” The girl with the sentret asked. “Well Forest guardian is better since we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl.”

“Being as powerful as he is he is probably a boy!” Another kid chimed in with a smug expression.

“What is he?” Devin asked ignoring the sexist statement.

“Well there is a rumor that there is a human like being in the woods and well anywhere pokemon reside really ruling over them and making sure to protect humanity whenever needed. It’s been a couple years, but anytime thieves or pokemon go out of check this guardian seems to act while remaining hidden.” The girl explained.

Devin thought more on the events that just happened remembering the pink petals that allowed him to grab his pokeball thinking deeply and remembering the woods seeing what appeared to be some sort of shadow of two being coming from the woods before he acted and had heatmor attack.

“Enough about legends. You should make sure you and your pokemon are ok. I want a chance to battle the great ninjask horde slayers!” Stated a member of the group as everyone brought him to town just happy to see him alive while Devin continued to focus on who it could have been that helped him. Or what.
PKMN Ch.1 A League of his own
Well i managed to do it. Just some good Pokemon remixes a little bit of research on Pokemon and dr.pepper to keep me motivated and i finally finished chapter 1. Had to entirely rewrite it since the other one gave away too much information and didn't fit the mood i wanted to start off with exactly. Plus wasn't enough spotlight on the world and Devin himself. I actually had a lot of fun thinking of personalities for the Pokemon as well as the trainers. So expect this to be an ongoing series updated regularly and often. Have a lot of stories to tell with Devin and his team. Ignore any grammatic mistakes or typos as it was finished quickly so i can upload before i head to bed in case i don't get a chance to write tomorrow. Though if you notice any typos let me know so i can fix them. 

Aside from that i hope you enjoyed it and to answer the question i'm sure i'll get. I have designed my own region, Elite 4, Gym leaders, and trainers. No not my own pokemon. 

Pokemon (C) Nintendo, Gamefreak
Story (C) Myself

A Very Strange Idea (Involves Polls)

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 8:38 PM
So while looking over my D&D books (yes i play, well in a way. I'm the DM so more then anything i create the world for others to play in) So while looking at it and seeing all the awesome ideas i had for stories that either were too boring for people to play in my group or simply because my group can't be trusted to actually play them without breaking the fourth wall or just getting upset when things don't go their way. I got the idea that i would create possible scenarios that with all my watchers will shape the story of (As long as you remain active with polls that is)

I will start of by creating descriptions to the continents that exist in my D&D world for you guys to vote on the story taking place in. Then upon getting results i will post a multitude of characters of my design that i will have ideas for but be rolling up and leaving to chance as well (making it fun for both of us) I will be posting character sheets of my usual style for the characters and using the points rolled to result in how they look.

Then you will limit the characters through votes until it is just a group of 3-5. That too will be determined by votes. This will help me with my writing skills, give me the joy of writing a story, and everyone gets something they are part of that we both don't know how it will end. Who knows who will die and survive. Everyone could die by the end of the second chapter, they may get through unscathed and untouched and maybe there is a lone survivor to tell of their tale.

It can be anything and if the first one goes well i may do more and if i like the characters we have created as a group i'll probably use them as NPCs in future games i play or just get a bad ass picture of them.

So I hope you are all as excited for this idea as i am. I will be posting the continents by the end of the night so you will probably see the poll before the journal. Ill be giving it a couple days before i set any answers in stone.

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A Very Strange Idea (Involves Polls)

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 8:38 PM
So while looking over my D&D books (yes i play, well in a way. I'm the DM so more then anything i create the world for others to play in) So while looking at it and seeing all the awesome ideas i had for stories that either were too boring for people to play in my group or simply because my group can't be trusted to actually play them without breaking the fourth wall or just getting upset when things don't go their way. I got the idea that i would create possible scenarios that with all my watchers will shape the story of (As long as you remain active with polls that is)

I will start of by creating descriptions to the continents that exist in my D&D world for you guys to vote on the story taking place in. Then upon getting results i will post a multitude of characters of my design that i will have ideas for but be rolling up and leaving to chance as well (making it fun for both of us) I will be posting character sheets of my usual style for the characters and using the points rolled to result in how they look.

Then you will limit the characters through votes until it is just a group of 3-5. That too will be determined by votes. This will help me with my writing skills, give me the joy of writing a story, and everyone gets something they are part of that we both don't know how it will end. Who knows who will die and survive. Everyone could die by the end of the second chapter, they may get through unscathed and untouched and maybe there is a lone survivor to tell of their tale.

It can be anything and if the first one goes well i may do more and if i like the characters we have created as a group i'll probably use them as NPCs in future games i play or just get a bad ass picture of them.

So I hope you are all as excited for this idea as i am. I will be posting the continents by the end of the night so you will probably see the poll before the journal. Ill be giving it a couple days before i set any answers in stone.

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What is your favorite pokemon type? 

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3 deviants said dragon
2 deviants said water/ice
1 deviant said bug/poison
1 deviant said steel
No deviants said bird
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No deviants said normal
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