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The coolest people ever and their amazing artwork.

Gotei 13 List

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A Very Strange Idea (Involves Polls)

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 8:38 PM
So while looking over my D&D books (yes i play, well in a way. I'm the DM so more then anything i create the world for others to play in) So while looking at it and seeing all the awesome ideas i had for stories that either were too boring for people to play in my group or simply because my group can't be trusted to actually play them without breaking the fourth wall or just getting upset when things don't go their way. I got the idea that i would create possible scenarios that with all my watchers will shape the story of (As long as you remain active with polls that is)

I will start of by creating descriptions to the continents that exist in my D&D world for you guys to vote on the story taking place in. Then upon getting results i will post a multitude of characters of my design that i will have ideas for but be rolling up and leaving to chance as well (making it fun for both of us) I will be posting character sheets of my usual style for the characters and using the points rolled to result in how they look.

Then you will limit the characters through votes until it is just a group of 3-5. That too will be determined by votes. This will help me with my writing skills, give me the joy of writing a story, and everyone gets something they are part of that we both don't know how it will end. Who knows who will die and survive. Everyone could die by the end of the second chapter, they may get through unscathed and untouched and maybe there is a lone survivor to tell of their tale.

It can be anything and if the first one goes well i may do more and if i like the characters we have created as a group i'll probably use them as NPCs in future games i play or just get a bad ass picture of them.

So I hope you are all as excited for this idea as i am. I will be posting the continents by the end of the night so you will probably see the poll before the journal. Ill be giving it a couple days before i set any answers in stone.

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What is your favorite pokemon type? 

3 deviants said fire
3 deviants said dragon
2 deviants said water/ice
1 deviant said bug/poison
1 deviant said steel
No deviants said bird
No deviants said ghost
No deviants said ground/rock
No deviants said normal
No deviants said psychic


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